What I Wanted to Do With My Life

Welcome back! Hope you are well. I have been reminiscing recently as I am settling into the realization that I am actually going to be a nurse. It has sunken in some, bu not completely. This life transition has me thinking about how this is definitely not where I though I would be at this point in life. If I had not changed my course in school, right now I would be 6 months away from graduation with a BS Biomedical Biology and two associate degrees in only two and a half year and on my way to medical school next fall. I was an incoming senior when I changed my major and am almost starting over. The advantage that I have, though, is that I was going to graduate more than a year early anyhow because I brought over 30 hours college credit with me out of high school. Before I decided to be a nurse though, there were other ideas on my list of how my life might turn out.

When I was little, the first thing I remember wanting to be is a teacher. I have alway loved helping others and teaching is one of the most noble professions there is that would allow me to do so, Teachers, I am convinced, are superhuman. They juggle so many hats with little recognition. The idea that teachers only work 8-3 is a misguided truth. I have never hardly met a teacher who does not put 110% into their job. For many, teaching is not just a job, but a part of them. It’s who they are. I have always admired this who go above and beyond for their students, many of whom they treat like their own children.

I have had my fair share of teachers who have impacted me over the years, and I definitely would not be who I am without them. These include teachers who taught me that it is more than ok to be myself, teachers who brought me out of my shell into the person that I am now teachers who instilled in me knowledge that will follow me through my life, and teachers who made me a better person by example. While teaching may not be for me, I have the upmost respect for those who do feel called to teach.

For the longest time, I have wanted to be a doctor. I had a vision of opening my own pediatric clinic in my home town where I could serve the community who has already given me so much. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around me. I realized recently, though, that is no longer the path for me. They say do not pursue medicine if you can imagine yourself doing anything else. For me, I cannot imagine myself in any other field than healthcare. It’s where my heart is and where I feel that God has called me to serve him. No matter the outlet, my primary concern is how my career choice will allow me to serve the Lord with my life. I believe that God has put me on this path in life because it is part of his uptime plan for my life.

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