Meet Patches!

By now, you have met Oliver and Molly. The only dog left for you to meet is my Patches. She was a surprise from my mom after Oliver passed away in January. She surprised my on Valentine’s Day when I got home from work. I came in to see Patches with a big red bow around her neck. I threw my stuff on the couch and scooped her up. She has made my life better ever since.

She is a one year-old terrier mix with more energy than I could put into words. She rarely stops moving and is partial to what we call “drive-by kisses.” We don’t even realize she has given us a kiss until she’s halfway across the room! She likes to be held, but only when she wants to. Any other time, there is no stopping her.

She is curious about everything. I think that she was an outside dog before she went to the shelter. The first time she saw a TV, we were watching Fixer Upper and she thought that Chip and Joana Gaines were talking to her. She went nuts trying to figure out how to get to them. It was also an adjustment getting her to sleep in the bed compared to Molly who it seemed second nature to.

In line with my theory of her being an outside dog before, she never wants to come inside. She loves being outside so much that I have to chase her down to get her inside. She runs around the yard, playing with sticks and being nosy. Patches hates birds, squirrels, and cats with a passion and thinks that it is her sole responsibility to rid us of them.

When she gets scared, she climbs up onto my shoulders and wraps herself around my neck like a scarf. I have no idea how she learned to do that, but it makes her feel better. Sometimes, she’ll do it just to snuggle. However, she is over 30 lbs so we have to limit how often she does it because that’s a lot of weight on my shoulders.

Now you have officially met all of my sweet dogs, but don’t worry because this is definitely not my last post about them. You can expect more pictures and stories in the future for sure. Thank you for stopping by to meet her. Please like my post and follow my blog below to receive emails when I post new content so you do not miss out. Who would want to miss out on cute dog pics? Nobody, that’s who!

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