Meet Molly!

Welcome back!

I think it is time for you to meet one of my sweet fur-babies – Molly. In one of my first posts, I introduced you to my Oliver who sadly passed away earlier this year from health complications. He is dearly missed, but it’s only fair that you meet my other dogs. So, without further ado, here is my Molly.

Molly is a two year-old Whippit mix which is similar to a small greyhound. I rescued Molly from the local animal shelter the day before Thanksgiving 2017. I had been begging mom to let me bring another dog home with no luck. She was clear that she thought one dog was plenty for us. My friend and I were out and decided to go to the shelter just to look and play with the animals, but I knew better. I knew that I would not be able to leave there without bringing one home. So, i figured asking couldn’t hurt. I texted mom a picture of Molly and asked her if I could get her. To my surprise, she said yes! She was sick with a high fever, but I got a yes and ran with it. Callie and I got her and took her to pet smart to get a few things. Then we brought her home and the rest is history.

She was a little edgy when we first brought her home because Oliver really liked her and wanted to play, but she was used to having her space. They did not get along too well at first, but it got better with time. Soon, they were laying all over each other and playing together like they did not know any different.

One of our struggles after bringing her home was that she chewed up every shoe in sight. And, to be clear, she did not chew up pairs, only one shoe of each pair. It didn’t matter if it was heels, tennis shoes, sandals, or house shoes. No shoes were safe from Molly, and we were not good at remembering to put them up off the floor out of her reach. Sometimes she still gets the itch to chew, but I am so glad we have moved beyond that phase.

She loves to lay around and have her belly scratched, but she is no stragner to running around out side either. We have a good sized back yard that she loves to run around in and watch what is going on at the neighbor’s house. She does not exactly get how fetch works – that she is supposed to be the one fetching, not me.

After Oliver passed away, she got a little depressed since she had finally gotten used to him being around to play with, but she started getting better when we brought Patches home earlier this year. They fight like sister, but, at the end of the day, they love each other. She may be stubborn half the time, but I could not ask for a more loving and sweet dog. I am so blessed to have Molly and am grateful that I could give her a forever home. Thank you for stopping by to meet her. Like my post and follow my blog down below. I promise to keep you updated with the latest cute dog pictures. See you next time!

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