5 Life Lessons I have Learned as a Nurse’s Aide

I am currently in college pursuing a nursing degree, but while in school I work as a nurse’s aide at a local hospital. Last month marked my one year of working at this hospital and I love what I do. I work with some amazing people who truly care about their patients and peers. I am an aide on the med-serge floor and in the geriatric psych unit, and both have taught me some valuable lessons about life and the people around me.

1. The World Needs More People Who Care

Before I started working at the hospital, I was a waitress at a local restaurant. While there were some nights that I would make double the amount in 5 hours of what I make in a 12 hour shift at the hospital, it is saddening to see that people care more about the quality of care that people are receiving. Having a big heart is priceless.

2. You Will Get Overwhelmed

Healthcare and food are the most demanding jobs, and I have just happened to have worked in both. Healthcare can be a demanding job, and at times you will get overwhelmed, It’s alright as long as you keep your head. Most importantly, if you need help ask for it!

3. This is a Rewarding Job

I have a heart for helping people, and working as an aide truly makes my heart happy. Knowing that there is someone to be there with the patients who are lonely and do not have anyone else or to be happy with the patients with a family full of visitors is important to me. I know that someone is there to care for and love on the people that most of the world has forgotten about. I love my patients, and getting to take care of them makes me happy.

4. Life is Precious

Multiple times have I seen the end of someone’s life. Sometimes they have family there with them and sometimes they do not. Often times they know that their time is coming, but sometimes they do not. No matter the circumstances, everyone’s life s precious and important. We are not even promised our next breath on this earth, and we need to live our lives accordingly.

5. Life Goes On

This job is not always full of sunshine and rainbows. We all have trying days and bad things happen; it is part of what we signed up for. However, it is important to know that life goes on and to learn how to have your moment and then move on. There are other patients and other things to be done,

I say all this to say that I absolutely love taking care of people, and I grow attached to my sweet patients. At times, I have even gone to their nursing home after discharge to visit them because I know that they do not have anyone else coming to see them. Whether it is just a smile or some kind words, we make an impact every time we walk up to a patient. It’s important that we remember that so that we do not make a negative impact with harsh words or attitudes. Holding someone’s hand while they pass from this life, rejoicing with someone as they share their birthday with their family, or crying with a patient remind me that we are all human and reminds me to let God’s light and love shine through me to my patients and their families because I do not know that impact that I might have on them.

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