Knowing My Limitations

This week has been an interesting one for me as I prepare to start back to school this fall. I have been planning out my schedule for school and work, and trying to figure out how I am going to make it all work where I can still have fun and pass my classes. Over the weekend, I got an email from the coordinator for the tutoring center at my college asking me to submit an application for a tutoring position. I was so excited when I saw this email because last year I had a similar opportunity that did not pan out. I submitted my application and prayed for a positive outcome, putting it all in God’s hands.

I prayed that I would at least have the opportunity to interview with the coordinator, but no matter the outcome, I would still remain faithful to God. If I didn’t get a reply, I knew that God did not have it in the cards for me. Who am I to mess with God’s plan for my life? Nobody, that’s who. So I am just here to follow the path He has already laid for me and to do His will.

On Monday, I checked my email and she had responded wanting to set up an interview. To say that I was excited would be the understatement of the century as this was a position that I wanted badly! I literally danced around the house because I was so happy that God would give me this opportunity. A couple of emails later, I was set up with an interview. All that was left was to show up and let God take over.

The interview went great! She was impressed with me and said that I would be a great fit for the program. She even proposed an alternate position she had available if the first one did not work out. Paid training and a resume boost made this sound like the deal of a lifetime! I walked out of her office confident as I could have been. When I got home, however, my heart began to feel heavy as I began to think about all that I had on my plate already.

I already had a full course load of 18 hours for the semester, my full time job at the hospital, volunteer hours, studying, keeping my grades up for my scholarships, babysitting, and now this tutoring position. I took a step back, and I just thought about what I was doing to myself. I was never going to have a day off, and my grades would definitely suffer. I ended up respectfully declining the position because I just could not commit to something knowing that I would not be able to give it enough time and attention.

My point in saying all of this is to bring up somewhere that I think many of people struggle in life. I was stretching myself way too thin! There is no way that I could have done all of the above, tutor, and still have time to take care of myself. My grades would have suffered. I could have lost my scholarships in the long run. I certainly would have lost a ton of sleep trying to fit all of it in. Not to mention my walk with Christ would have suffered.

When we put all of our time and energy into things of this world, no matter how important, it is so easy to lose sight of God and what He has in store for us. Even though I was praying and asking God for direction, I was still thinking about what was best for me. I wanted another income and something shiny for my resume, not what was best for my Christian walk and what would glorify God.

It is important that when we commit to something at work, school, church, or wherever else, we keep in mind how much time we will actually be able to devote. Will we have enough time to do it right? Will it take time away from something else in our lives such as our family, grades, or walk with God? God should be at the forefront of our lives, not something sprinkled on top where there is room.

I pray that, as Christians, we keep from stretching ourselves too thin, and always remember to put God first instead of squeezing him in last. Thank you for stopping by most post! If you liked this post, subscribe at the bottom of the page!

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